Meet cAIre tech.

We are a global, diversified team, ranging from Taipei in Southeast Asia to New York in North America to Stockholm in Scandinavia, working tight together to build amazing solutions and services for your clinic and your patients.

Our Vision

A world where functional medicine is the standard.

Our vision is to enable clinics to empower their patients to take control of their health and well-being in a world where functional medicine is the standard and conventional health care is supplementary.

Our Mission

Empower clinics...

… to provide the highest quality preventative and restorative care for people with chronic illness through evidence-based data and data-driven AI tools.

Why choose cAIre tech?

Just like you we cAIre for patients with chronic illness and want more people to have access to efficient data-evidenced root cause care.

Value leader

Not only are we a first mover by offering AI decision support systems for functional medicine clinics, but we’re also a value leader. By having our engineers located in Taiwan we can offer affordable prices.

Top data privacy

Our engineers are specialists in AI decision support systems and more importantly in AI privacy and data privacy. Our solutions and work methods comply with the standards and regulations such as HIIPA and GDPR.

Strong long-term partner

We develop with your vision in mind and take into account where the industry is heading for your long-term value. With a skilled diverse team, we work closely with you to ensure your satisfaction and to achieve our shared industry goals.

the team

cAIre tech got you covered

Our team comprises individuals with impressive track records in their respective fields. They have made impactful achievements, including the development of an AI decision support system and disease detection system for healthcare in Taiwan. Specializing in AI security and data privacy within the healthcare domain, they bring extensive knowledge from their research background, where they focused on leveraging AI for the betterment of healthcare. Their diverse expertise also includes backgrounds in functional medicine, Systems Biology, and extensive experience in senior management consulting. This encompasses strategic planning, process improvement, and product development. Their journeys as functional medicine patients drive our mission to make functional medicine accessible to more people.

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Amazing team members
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