Unlock the potential of root cause medicine.

Our decision support system is built on well-chosen and proven AI models and our solution can be tweaked to fit your specific needs and data.

decision support system

Improve patient outcomes.

cAIre tech help you address several critical challenges healthcare providers and patients are facing. Eliminate unnecessary trial and error by offering consistent and effective care through standardized, yet personalized, diagnosis and treatment plans. Draw new actionable insights from data analysis, empowering your practitioners to make informed decisions and much more.

Strike now and reap the benefits.

The research of functional medicine is more decentralized and accessible and as a result, patients today are more informed and demand high-quality and efficient care. Practitioners that offer more accurate, faster, and affordable care will be chosen over others.

Enables collaborations

Share reports with the patient, hospitals or other practitioners, and research institutes to advance the science.

Better use of data

Understand and make use of your large amounts of data and find new insights.

Improved patient outcomes

AI analytics of large data sets can provide unique insights, enhance decision-making, and deliver superior patient outcomes beyond human capabilities.

Increased efficiency

Automating tasks to focus on more complex and important work helps the clinic to run more efficiently, allowing you to serve more patients in less time.

Cost savings

By streamlining operations, reducing errors, and improving patient outcomes, our AI tool can lead to significant cost savings.

Competitive advantage

Stay ahead of the curve, attract new patients, and retain existing ones.

Data Privacy and Data Safety

Security first.

At cAIre tech, we prioritize maintaining the highest standards of security and confidentiality. While we provide decision support systems for healthcare practitioners and are not classified as medical devices ourselves, we proactively develop our solutions to meet the stringent requirements of medical device regulations.

To ensure data protection, we strictly comply with applicable laws and regulations, including GDPR and HIPAA. Our commitment to transparency means we openly communicate the types of data we collect, how we utilize it, and the robust measures in place to safeguard it. This provides our clients with full visibility and control over their data.

We offer three different packages designed to address your specific safety needs.

Should you have any inquiries or concerns regarding our data privacy and safety practices or wish to learn more about our package offerings, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of transparency while ensuring the security and privacy of your data.

Why choose cAIre tech?

Just like you we cAIre for patients with chronic illness and want more people to have access to efficient data-evidenced root cause care.

Value leader

Not only are we a first mover by offering AI decision support systems for functional medicine clinics, but we’re also a value leader. By having our engineers located in Taiwan we can offer affordable prices.

Top data privacy

Our engineers are specialists in decision support systems and more importantly in AI privacy and data privacy. Our solutions and work methods comply with the standards and regulations such as HIIPA and GDPR.

Strong long-term partner

We develop with your vision in mind and take into account where the industry is heading for your long-term value. With a skilled diverse team, we work closely with you to ensure your satisfaction and to achieve our shared industry goals.

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